2015 - The Chastitute by John B. Keane


Rural Ireland in the late seventies, a time where society is changing rapidly. John Bosco McLaine, a bachelor farmer, who hasn't the makings of a dacent sin in him, is searching for a plain decent woman to share his life. "He nearly got there a thousand times but nearly never bulled a cow". Filled with humor, this play takes us hilariously through the various 'trials and tribulations' the Chastitute has to endure, meeting no less than 14 different characters in his pursuit to find a woman. From hilarious to tragic, audiences will relish the obvious comedy, yet, be moved by the unbearable solitude of a life without love and companionship. A Chastitute is a person without holy orders who has never lain down with a woman... rustic celibate by force of circumstance.


2014 - The Irish Dracula


For the past 10 years, Bram Stoker has worked as stage manager and then business manager foe the imperious actor/director, Henry Irving, at the Lyceum Theatre in London.  He's also writing popular adventure novels but has yet to begin writing his most famous work, Dracula.  Here, we see Stoker accompanied by his typist, Mina Murray, and her fiance, Sean Haircear; Lucilla Desmond an actress at the Lyceum, and Dr. John Seward, her admirer, Sean,in training to become a solicitor (lawyer), is called to Ireland to conduct a real-estate transaction for the mysterious Lord Edward Coooper, who lives alone except for a servant named Tadhg.


2013 - Here We Are Again Still by Christian O'Reilly


Paddy, an ill-tempered and territorial widower occupies a bench in front of his apartment complex. From the bench he gaurds both it and his principles from any and all intruders. Paddy's unbending need for solitude is first disturbed by Imelda, a well-intentioned nag of a neighbor; then a more serious threat arrives in the form of an equally isolated and gurded young man named Tony, who trespasses onto the bench. Both men have lost the will to live.  Forced into facing each other they must recognize that loss and discover a purpose for living each day with meaning.  All three lonely lost souls seek one essential thing; a vital relationship and the one common thread uniting them is the game of soccer.


2012 - The Country Boy by John Murphy


The Country Boy is a comedy-drama set in the small Irish Farmhouse of the Maher family. It tells the story of Curly, 25, who still lives at home with his parents, Tom and Mary Kate.  But Curly dreams of following his brother Eddie to the U.S. in pursuit of success, even if igt means leaving his sweetheart, Eileen Tierny. Only upon Eddies first return home (with wife Julia) are truths revealed of hardship, alcoholism, a troubled marriage, homesickness and regrets.






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